Dr Gurmeet Singh Narang

Dr Gurmeet Singh Narang.CHIEF ANALYST


Dr .Gurmeet Singh Narang is an industrial engineer with Ph.D in management engineering from DAVV Indore. He also holds PG degree in Business Finance.

He is a member of various national and international bodies of management, engineering and quality and runs a steel industry in Indore.

He is a famous author of, “JUST IN TECHNOLOGY FOR WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING”,  “WORDS OF MY GURU”, “MY HAPPYNESS”& motivational speaker who has been honored by many national & international awards like ‘Award of Honor ‘ by International Fateh Academy, Amritsar in 2015, World Sikh Achiever Award and many more for spreading happiness in the world.

Also, he is the founder of the Tavleen Foundation (India’s only eternal happiness organization) which works for the welfare of the society and species of the planet.

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