Unlisted Shares

Shares that belong to the company which is not listed on the stock exchange, then these companies shares known as unlisted securities/shares. These shares can be traded via over-the-counter (OTC) market and also known as OTC securities and an important point about unlisted securities that they are less liquid than “listed shares”.

Breaking Down Unlisted Share-

If any company wants to be listed on the standard stock exchange than a ‘public limited company’ should be capable of generating high revenue, capable of affording exchange’s listing fee and company should have the specific number of shares. It is not easy to be listed on stock exchange and that’s why unlisted shares are the risks for investors.

How our Enterprise helps you?

Though having an unlisted share are the great risk to any investor and in this situation, Oswal Trading company will help you because it is having a large no of investors who are willing to afford risk via buying unlisted company securities/shares. We provide the solution according to client’s need. We help clients to exit from such investments by offering several exit opportunities to trapped investors. On the other side, we offer opportunities to those investors who are willing to make investments in unlisted shares and securities.

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