Delisted Shares

Delisted Shares are those shares of a company that is removed from the stock exchange where it is traded on an enduring basis. Any company can anytime freely ask to be delisted; to grow as a privately trading Company or any of the shares may be detached from a stock exchange because a particular company is not able to fulfill the listing requirements.

Delisting-Breaking Down of it

To be recorded in a stock exchange a company needs to follow some of the complex rules and regulations. There are many essential lawful and compliance costs related to a listing that’s why many companies choose to delisted and in some cases, companies are forced to be delisted.

Voluntary Delisting of a company

Some companies are cannot be able to fulfill the associated costs via public trading on a stock exchange. This type of companies can apply to delist them and become a privately traded company. This situation frequently occurs when a company is bought by another company or a private equity firm and it will totally reorganize it by its new shareholders.

Involuntary Delisting of a Company

Any company can be delisted from stock exchange if the company is not able to meet required specifications. To be listed on a stock exchange it is necessary to meet certain stock listing requirements which are already set by the stock exchange. These requirements include minimum share prices, financial ratios, and minimum sales level. If any company is not able to fulfill these requirements, then it is delisted by the stock exchange after the warning.

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