About Us!

Oswal trading was consolidated in the market since 2007 with its head office situated at Mumbai. Over the previous decades, Oswal trading has collected a solid and sound market trust with a business.

What we do at Oswal Trading?

We are leading out the top Investment Company managing in Delisted, Unlisted, Pre-Ipo, Physical, Ill-Liquid, Preference, Real estate funds, Corporate bonds, Private Equities bonds, Government bonds, Tax Free bonds and Securities. 

Our Mission

Having a strong presence with countrywide system, our steady network is to offer prompt liquidity to catch financial investors and to get them returns of their pivotal funds with predominant client services. We have skill in Delisted, Unlisted and Preference Shares. 

Competitive Edge

Our kin organization display with regional brokers, Private Equity firms, Investment Banks, boutique advisory firms gives us a competitive edge to guarantee that our customers get the best and far-reaching services contributions to meet their necessity.

We also deals in Ill-Liquid, Preference, Real estate funds, Corporate bonds, Private Equities bonds, Government bonds, Tax Free bonds and Securities.
We are additionally occupied with the matter of a wide range of exchange including NSE and BSE.

We additionally help our customers by giving investment counselling. For any query and details, simply drop an email. We will call you or either contacts you soon.



Mr. Krishna Patwari

Director & CEO


Dr Gurmeet Singh Narang

Chief Analyst

Our Company Quality

We believe that Quality can only be judged when our services are continuously improved. We always hit attempt to improve our performance and quality by  on-time delivery of security and shares  on-time payment or door step payment   By providing Valuable information time to time

That generates consistent progress and meets the requirements of our customers. We ensure a high level of client gratification to sustain long term commitments, productive customer relationships, and to provide a positive work environment.

Our Company Commitments

Oswal Trading Co. Pvt. Ltd. is committed to facilitating exit & entry opportunities to investors in different financial products. We ensure that customer gain from investing in a different class of Financial Investments, which are rarely available to common investors. Our services around financial investments meet all requirements and applicable standards and specifications.